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Nomentano District

Always in Piazzale di Porta Pia, between the beginning of Via XX Settembre and the end of Via Nomentana, the museum preserves the historical artefacts and findings of the Italian Corpo dei Bersaglieri, and is the scene of the September 20th celebrations, which is the date of Rome’s conquering (Presa di Roma, or rather Breccia di Porta Pia).

How to get to the museum from Ibis Styles Roma Art Noba: take Via Nometana, then take buses to Termini Station or Piazza Venezia. Get off at the Nomentana-Porta Pia stop.

Sant’Agnese fuori le Mura
It is a basilica built above catacombs, with the body of St. Agnes martyr guarded inside, worshipped inside a silver sarcophagus.

How to reach the basilica from Ibis Styles Roma Art Noba: follow Via Nomentana towards the center on foot, or by car, for 1.2 km. By bus, take the 90/60L and get off at the S. Agnese/S. Costanza stop.

Villa Torlonia
A splendid patrician villa, it was the home of Mussolini, and today houses the Casino Nobile. Within its gardens the Casina delle Civette is located, which are Jewish catacombs from the III and IV centuries, within thirteen greenhouses representing exotic corners of the world, and an anti-aircraft shelter built within the catacombs for Mussolini.

How to reach the villa from Ibis Styles Roma Art Noba: go along Via Nomentana in the direction of the center, either on foot or by car, for 3 km. By bus, take the 90/60L and get off at the Villa Torlonia stop

Ponte Nomentano
Together with Ponte Milvio, it was one of the most important bridges in ancient Rome; it consists of two towers, below which the Via Nomentana passes, through a lowered arch. In the middle between them, the street has a short stretch with gallery walls, embellished with huge windows.

How to reach the bridge from Ibis Styles Roma Art Noba: on foot: go along Via Nomentana towards Monte Sacro for 500 meters, at the fork with Via Nomentana Nuova, keep the right (Via Nomentana)

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